Stellar Data Recovery Software Free Download For Window XP,7,8,10 – Mac

Stellar Data Recovery Software Free Download For Window XP,7,8,10 – Mac

Stellar Data Recovery Software Free Download For Window XP,7,8,10 – Mac: Stellar Windows Data Recovery You can easily recover all lost, deleted or deleted files to your Windows PC like Office documents, emails, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos, audio files and more using the free Windows Data Recovery program. stellar-phoenix-windows-data-recoveryStellar Windows Data Recovery is a powerful program with many benefits. If you work with a large number of documents on your computer, it is imperative that at some point some of them may be corrupted or lost due to various events. If you find yourself in a situation like the one described above, you may want to go to specialized applications like Stellar Data Recovery Standard to recover your files.”Stellar Data Recovery Software Free Download For Window XP,7,8,10 – Mac




Windows Premium Features and Recovery
Optical media restoration

This is a powerful feature to recover data from scratched, damaged or partially burned optical media such as CDs and DVDs. Now, this Windows professional data recovery program restores files using original file names and folder structure. It supports recovery of all types of discs (CDs, DVDs and HD DVDs) that are burned on any systems.


Restore photos and multimedia files

This advanced recovery software includes the option to scan storage devices and search for photos, music or videos only. This will help reduce the time it takes for the program to find and locate lost files. Recover your memories from all types of memory cards including the SD card, Micro SD card, CF cards, and internal and external hard drives.

Restore deleted files

Stellar Windows Data Recovery – Professional allows you to recover all files deleted from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives and all other removable media. Install the free trial for the program and let the program erase your storage media from where you want to recover the deleted file. Now select “Deleted List” within the preview window and save the location to save the recovered file.,Stellar Data Recovery Software Free Download For Window XP,7,8,10 – Mac,

System startup disk

The program helps you save your valuable data even when the system fails to boot, using a bootable disk. If the master boot record is corrupted, the system fails to recognize the boot partition and becomes inaccessible. In times of crisis, you can restore access to your broken system with this bootable CD and run the program to recover important data, including files, documents, photos, presentations and more.

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Your hard drive image

Stellar Windows Data Recovery – You can create an image of hard drives, logical volumes on hard drives, and any removable media such as drives and external hard drives. Moreover, you can select the “Start” and “End” sectors to create an image of the selected region.


Recover lost or deleted email files

This Windows data recovery tool is useful for email users by helping them to delete lost or deleted email data files. Recovers all common email client data files including MS Outlook (PST), MS Outlook Express (DBX), MS Exchange Server (EDB), MS Lotus Notes (NSF) and other file types. Simply select “Emails” under “Documents, Folders and Emails” in the “Select what you want to restore” section and delete the hard drive; the program will list all lost or deleted emails to recover them.


Before restoring the preview files

This program scans the specified storage media and displays a preview of all lost or deleted files. Sort files after scanning in tree view, file type and deleted list. Click any required file to see its preview. Moreover, the program has the option to turn on / off preview. If you select Run, the program creates a preview of files while erasing the specified storage media.’Stellar Data Recovery Software Free Download For Window XP,7,8,10 – Mac’



Deep scan for the best result

The program offers two questionnaires: fast and deep. Quick Scan scans the media and lists all recoverable files for preview. If you are unable to see the required data in the results of a quick scan, you can select Deep Scan and perform a more comprehensive scan for the specified location. It will take longer but searches for all files and retrieves even the raw data.




Raw recovery

It keeps you on the safe side by helping you offset your losses even when your first attempt fails. Raw Recovery is an advanced feature that searches data on drives based on file signatures and allows you to easily recover from any severely corrupted storage media. You can also edit a pre-defined file type header and add new or unknown file headers to the existing file list to improve the tool’s support for restoring user-defined file formats.


Free windows data recovery

Stellar Windows Data Recovery – Free Edition provides recover lost or deleted partitions and data such as Office documents (spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Word files, etc.), videos, and other multimedia files. This FREEWARE program allows you to erase and recover all your data that can be saved in the location of your choice. You can recover 1 GB of data completely free, but the file size should not exceed 25MB.


Recovers different files from your computer

As the name implies, this app is designed to help you recover documents that were accidentally deleted or damaged, apparently bypassing recovery. It supports many file types including office documents, regular folders, email files, images, and audio and video files. Therefore, you are provided with a wide range of possibilities.


Intuitive interface

Once you run Stellar Data Recovery Standard, you will be greeted in a window where you can select the types of files you are trying to recover. You can choose any of the formats listed above or select the “All Data” check box, which scans every supported file on your computer. The processor-like interface allows many users to understand their controls and operate them effortlessly. After selecting the required file types, you can choose where you want to scan the application.

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Saves survey details

Checking the exact location shows the information gathered in real time, but you can’t stop it once you discover the file you were looking for originally. If you change your mind about recovering your files or you run out of space on your computer, you can export scan results to your computer and access them again later, so you don’t have to recheck your computer again.


A useful application that helps you recover lost files

To summarize, Stellar Data Recovery Standard is a reliable application designed to help you easily recover lost or damaged files. The processor-like interface allows you to process multiple users effortlessly, and the scan results export function allows you to stop the recovery process and receive it later from the same place.

Driving recovery

The program is designed to run on the Windows platform to recover files, images and documents that appear to be lost. With this tool, you can tackle all aspects of data loss, including unintended media formatting, disk damage, and unintended file deletion. The program is the best solution for data loss when the file system on your Windows drive suffers from some type of corruption and needs to recover lost documents. This utility supports recovery of drives, partitions, FAT, NTFS, and ExFAT.


Partition lost recovery

If the entire section is missing, the program allows you to search for it through the “Cant ‘Find Drive” option available under “Other locations” in the location selection screen. It scans the specified hard drive for missing parts that have been lost due to damage or accidentally deleted. Once the scanning process is successfully completed, all of the sections will be included in the sections section. If the required section is not listed, click Deep Scan to locate it. Select the section required to start the survey to recover data.



Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac

This program recovers deleted, lost and formatted files from Mac startup disk, external USB drive, SSD drives, pen drives, SD memory cards, CF. Moreover, it supports Time Machine data recovery and encrypted storage drives.


Tool for Best Data Recovery from Mac Device of Your Choice

The only program you’ll need to recover data across all the leading Macs and drives
Recovers data from MacBook®, iMac®, Mac mini®, Mac Pro etc.
Works with LaCie® USB-C hard drives, SSD, portable HDD, etc.
Recover from flash or jump drive, USB-C flash drive, and more.
Recovers from SanDisk®, WD®, Toshiba®, Kingston®, Lexar® etc.


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