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R-Studio Download for Windows 10, 8, 7 – Mac , Linux | Download R-Studio: Data Recovery


R-Studio Download for Windows 10, 8, 7: R-Studio It supports FAT / NTFS (Windows), UFS1 / UFS2 (Unix) and Ext2FS / 3FS (Linux) file systems and functions on local and network disks, even if partitions are formatted, damaged, or deleted. R-Studio FilescrowThe new additional file recovery algorithm increases the quality of file recovery and the recovery of unrecognized files in the file system metadata. Dynamic disk and RAID are supported in addition to recovering encrypted files, compressed files and alternative data streams. You can view and edit file structures and file systems (NTFS and FAT boot sectors, MFT log files, MBR, LDM structures, etc.) in the professional hex disk editor. Extended Viewer Plugin allows viewing the content of existing files to estimate recovery opportunities before purchase.


R-Studio is a data recovery app that allows you to recover files that were accidentally deleted or removed due to virus attacks, partition formatting and corruption. The program’s interface is easy to use, which allows any type of user to easily access its features. The main window of the program contains two parts, where you can view computer drives and detailed information on them. Also, it allows you to create or open disk images or areas.’R-Studio Download for Windows 10, 8, 7


With R-Studio, you can analyze the system architecture to find the files it contains. Drive content is displayed in tree view, where you can select the folders and files you want to recover. You can update the drive content anytime you want and the app displays the latest content. Just like in Windows Explorer, you can sort files by different criteria, in order to easily identify the files you are looking for. However, if you cannot find the file you want, you can use the Find / Mark feature, which is a complex search tool. This program supports FAT and NTFS file systems and displays files that have been permanently deleted by the user or removed for various reasons. You can tag multiple files from different folders and restore them all at once.


When starting the recovery process, some options must be selected: You can restore folder structure, security features (such as password encryption) and alternate data flows. You have full control over data recovery. In addition, the same procedures can be performed after connecting to a remote computer, even in damaged partitions. With R-Studio, you can create a default RAID, which is useful if the operating system does not recognize the real operating system. Another feature available in the app is a built-in text / hex editor, which you can use to analyze file structure and edit NTFS file attributes.”R-Studio Download for Windows 10, 8, 7


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R-Studio-FILESCROW Data Recovery


R-Studio for Mac – Data Recovery for Mac


In the family of effective and price-effective statistics recovery software program from R-TT, R-Studio for Mac is mainly designed for the Mac OS surroundings. It recovers files from APFS/HFS+/HFS (Macintosh), fats/NTFS/ReFS (windows), u.S./united states of america (FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris) and Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 FS (Linux) walls. Similarly, raw report recovery (scan for recognised file types) may be used for heavily broken or unknown file structures. R-Studio for Mac also recovers facts on disks, even though their walls are formatted, damaged or deleted. Bendy parameter settings provide you with absolute control over facts recuperation.,R-Studio Download for Windows 10, 8, 7,


R-Studio for Mac for old Mac OS

RStudio6_u.dmg Download Size: 150.55 MB Date Released: Apr 06 2020 Version: 6.5 build 5943






R-Studio for Linux – Data Recovery for Linux


R-Studio for Linux extends the own family of powerful and cost-effective facts healing software program from R-TT to the Linux operating system. Way to R-Studio for Linux’s flexible parameters and customizable settings, users get absolute manage over their statistics healing duties. R-Studio for Linux recovers information from logical disks and partitions in addition to disks and partitions which have been re-formatted, damaged or deleted.

In addition to disks with commonplace Linux record systems, R-Studio for Linux recovers documents from home windows, FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris, and Macintosh formatted disks. Moreover, raw file restoration (experiment for known report kinds) may be used for closely damaged or unknown record structures. Recovered files can be saved to disks with any file machine supported by using the Linux kernel (i.E. Ext2, ext3, fat, NTFS).


R-Studio for Linux for Debian/Ubuntu Linux platform (x86)

RStudio4_i386.deb Download Size: 66.15 MB Date Released: Apr 06 2020 Version: 4.9 build 3919


R-Studio for Linux for Fedora/RedHat Linux platform (x86)

RStudio4_i386.rpm Download Size: 66.17 MB Date Released: Apr 06 2020 Version: 4.9 build 3919



R-Studio for Linux for Debian/Ubuntu Linux platform (64-bit)

RStudio4_x64.deb Download Size: 67.04 MB Date Released: Apr 06 2020 Version: 4.9 build 3919



R-Studio for Linux for Fedora/RedHat Linux platform (64-bit)

RStudio4_x64.rpm Download Size: 67.06 MB Date Released: Apr 06 2020 Version: 4.9 build 3919

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R-Studio features

R-Studio File Recovery Tools:

Deleted without the Recycle Bin, or when the Recycle Bin is emptied;
Removed by virus attack or power outages;
After reformatting the partition with files, even for a different file system;
Recover data if: Vadus Invaded; FAT is corrupt. The MBR was destroyed. FDISK or other disk utilities are running;
When the partition structure on the hard drive is changed or damaged;
Recover data on damaged or deleted parts;
From the hard drive with bad sectors.

Support for:

Basic Partition Planning (MBR), GPT, BSD (UNIX), APM (Apple Partition Map);
Dynamic Storage, Windows Storage (Windows 2000-2019 / 8.1 / 10);
RAID for Apple, CoreStorage, File Vault, and Fusion Drive;
Managing Linux Logical Folders (LVM / LVM2) and mdadm RAIDs;
R-Studio can recognize and assemble these disk managers components automatically even if their databases are a little corrupted. You can add their components manually using severely damaged databases.
Advanced data recovery algorithm:
To recover files that were not recognized in the file system metadata and that were not found during disk scan;

Support for selected file system features:


Recognition of translated names;
Encrypted NTFS files, NTFS alternate data streams, duplicate NTFS data cancellation, NTFS LogFile and NTFS Symbolic Links & Directory Junction;
HFS + daily processing, HFS + extended features, HFS + compressed files;
Ext2 / Ext3 / Ext4 FS / UFS daily processing and extended features;
Recover deleted file names, Recycle Bin and Trash paths.

In-depth file analysis:

Extended mask and search capabilities.
Evaluation of opportunities for successful file recovery;
Verbose file information. More comprehensive file information in the technical version: specific information about the file system, interlaced files, disk regions, etc.;
Restore file lists to restore group files. File recovery lists with comprehensive file information in a technical version.
Windows Explorer standard style interface.
Multilingual user interface: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese.
Integration with DeepSpar Disk Imager, a professional hard disk imaging device specially designed to recover data from hardware hard drive problems. This R-Studio integration provides low-level access to drives with a certain level of hardware failure. Moreover, it allows disk imaging and analysis simultaneously. That is, any access to the R-Studio sector on the source disk will be immediately cloned to the burn disk and no other data recovery will be performed from this burned disc to avoid further degradation of the source disk and significantly reduce processing time.


R-Studio for Windows users

Download Size: 59.79 MB – Date Released: Apr 11 2020 – Version: 8.13 build 176095




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