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MPlayer for Win32-Win64 download, Download MPlayer The Movie Player

Download MPlayer The Movie Player: MPlayer is an open source multi-platform media player. MPlayer (MEncoder versions) can play almost any video and audioDownload MPlayer The Movie Player format, including DVD, Blu-ray, MKV and DivX / Xvid. No external codecs or installations required. More importantly, it is free of charge. The software market, which covers media players, is growing, and while new features are appreciated, old options will never be exhausted. Such an app is MPlayer, an amazing media player with its powerful features, simplicity and ease of use.”Download MPlayer The Movie Player

Large number of formats supported

MPlayer supports more than 192 videos and 85 audio codecs, which is great on any standard. You can also watch VCD, DVD, SVCD, Blu-ray, 3ivx, DivX 3/4/5, WMV or even H.264 movies.


Download MPlayer The Movie Player


Simple and targeted installation

Although some of the steps in the publishing process may seem complicated, installing MPlayer is not a difficult process. This is due to the three different installation methods of the application: minimum (only MPlayer user interface (also known as MPUI)), complete (including MPUI, SMPlayer and all codecs required) and customization (allows you to install) select the components you want to install manually) . For optimal performance, the installer includes optimized designs for different types of CPUs. The built-in detection feature will automatically check and select the CPU type, thus making your work size small. However, if you are unsure and want to avoid any possible crashes, we recommend setting general options that apply to all types of CPUs.’Download MPlayer The Movie Player’

Simple and sturdy design

At the very least, the first optical communication with the MPlayer interface is fun; although the GUI is simple, the overall look and feel have met expectations. The driver is designed to be simple, with an emphasis on functionality rather than appearance. All features are displayed in several menus, including media playback controls (play / pause / forward / rewind), playlist creation, custom aspect ratio, and deselecting of video files.

Windows PC 64-bit MPlayer is a command-line program that works best with SMPlayer. It provides easy access to all M Player features and has a bright user interface such as remembering your video site, subtitles, translation search, Windows integration, video search and YouTubeTM playback. All packages are in Zip format and can be extracted using any 7-Zip-compatible archive program. Binary codec is not supported and does not work on 64 bits. Both versions are compatible with the 64-bit version of Windows. If you are experiencing a 64-bit issue or are not sure what to download, download the 32-bit version.,Download MPlayer The Movie Player,

Feature features

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Play the most popular files, such as AVI, MPEG, VOB, WMA, WMV, VIVI, OGG, OGM, ASF, MOV, MP4, MKV etc.
Watch DVD, WMV, VideoCD, SVCD, 3ivx, DivX and H.264 movies
Support for audio output devices: Windows Audio, Mac OS X Audio, OSS (Open Audio System – UNIX Standard) and more.






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