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Download Clean Master APK for Android


Download Clean Master APK for Android: No matter how powerful the device is, it takes some time. It will slow down a little. If you don’t notice, you can keep using it, and then it will really become a problem you have to solve. The problem is simple, but in the process of using it, many unwanted files are stored and stored on the device. It occupies a small amount of resources, but if the accumulation amount is high, Download Clean Master APK for Androidit will affect the processing speed. CCleaner may be the most popular PC operating system, and Clean Master may be the most popular player in the smartphone industry.


It is really a very useful app that provides the right services for the content you are advertising. As a result, the publisher Cheetah Mobile has collected at least 2 billion downloads for all of its apps. All of them are products designed to clean mobile devices, so that they can run faster and more efficiently. Everything you want can be found at Cheetah Mobile. However, if you are a regular user of the phone, you will only need to “Clean Master – Antivirus, Applock and Cleaner” separately to meet all requirements.”Download Clean Master APK for Android

From the first time you look at the app, users feel this is a very professional product. Basically, it has improved every week since it was released. Therefore, its design satisfies almost all users around the world. However, if you have anything you don’t do, you can report it to publishers freely through the Google Play comment feature. They will continue to internalize ideas and create new corrections that suit their needs.

Download Clean Master APK for Android

The best tool for improving your cleaning space
By interacting with the user, Master Master will quickly provide you with a screen that you can clean as quickly as possible by pressing one. In just a few seconds, you will feel that your device is much faster than before. Basically, all unwanted files generated during use will be cleaned. But there will also be some files in the system.


The user simply tells the app to scan the entire device and will find everything. Then you will be the last person to decide whether to remove something. Because sometimes it will mistake to select things you want to store on your phone for a long time without using junk files, so be careful before deleting anything from your device with Advanced Delete.

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Download Clean Master APK for Android

In addition, it has two important features that improve your phone’s functionality. Applock will always protect your smartphone from any physical access. Users who just need a password can rest assured that no one in the world can use their devices without entering a password. There are also tools that make your device safer by intentionally capturing the faces of people who access them without permission. It is a device, and the software can safely protect against all the common viruses in the world. Look for suspicious programs.

The main advantage

Master Master has a lot of useful features, but here are some that you cannot ignore.

No matter where you are, you can check for viruses – Clean Master will always run in the background on your phone, which means it consumes more power than standard apps. However, it will guarantee the safety of your phone. If all installed or uninstalled apps (.APK files) contain dangerous content for the device, you will receive an alert, such as sending a message automatically, sending implicit data …Download Clean Master APK for Android

Boost Mobile – This is the most used feature. It makes your device work better by turning off inactive long-range apps automatically. This allows for a significant increase in RAM capacity, and of course, your device will be faster.

Battery saver – If you have a day, make sure the battery is the most important. However, due to the phone number of relatives or anyone, you cannot turn off the phone. Don’t worry, you can use the power saving feature to improve the battery capacity on your phone. With a single push, apps that consume a lot of battery capacity will stop automatically, and the CPU is optimized to operate at a lower capacity, which helps extend the device’s battery life.

Publisher:Cheetah Mobile
Version:7.2.6 b70266108
Category:System, Tools
Available at: Google Play



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