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7 Plugins for WordPress you must have


There are tens of thousands of plugins available for WordPress users. Many, in fact, it is hard to tell which one is really making a difference and which is overrated. Many offer a lot of useful niche solutions, but a few should have plugins that really should have all the sites, no matter what type of site you’re running, or what their appropriate place is,WordPress there are some plugins that you want to install. These are the tools we’ll discuss today, in this article, we’ll give you five additional components that you must have for WordPress and explain what makes each of them unique. Even better, we will also provide real data to justify why we believe each plugin is necessary.”7 Plugins for WordPress you must have

Plugins for WordPress you must have




#1: Image optimization & Lazy Load by  Optimole

Image optimization & Lazy Load by Optimole:Images occupy more than 50% of the average web page size. This means that improving your images can make a big difference to your site’s page load times, so how important is that? Because if it takes more than three seconds to load your website, more than half of your visitors will leave it, and if you aren’t worried enough, 79% of online shoppers may not return to your website if they find poor performance.

Although images are not the only thing that affects website performance, WordPress Photo Optimization is a key component to improving your page load times, as Optimole takes every graphic you upload to WordPress and optimizes it so that it takes less space. Additionally, it uses the cloud-based system to speed up your site. Optimole automatically detects screen size and resizes images to provide a responsive and responsive experience for users.7 Plugins for WordPress you must have,

Feature guides:

Automatically compress your photos.
Improve JPEG and PNG images.
Improve any old photos you have
Resize any images you upload to your website.
Supports both web and webp images.
CDN uses the universal.
Compatible with modern page builders like Elementor.


This plugin is free for up to 5,000 hits per month. Then, you can choose the premium version for $ 22.52 / month charged annually.

#2: Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is by far the most popular SEO tool in the WordPress scene, and it’s easy to see why it’s one of the plugins that we should have. Not only can it help you improve SEO, it can also analyze the readability of your content. About 79% of users only scan through your posts and pages, so the more you can access your copy, the more chance you will get their attention, regarding SEO.

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However, there is no such thing as search engines. Every day, Google alone handles over nine billion searches. It is not an exaggeration to say that organic traffic can create or break a website, and you cannot buy your way to the top in most cases. Just to drive this point home, only 5% of search engine traffic leads users to paid results. This is why working on keyword strategy is so important to every website.

Feature guides:

Improve your WordPress posts and pages with keywords and meta descriptions.
Find out how much your content is currently improving, and make improvements easily.
Improve your content’s readability with simple tips.


The basic version of Yoast SEO is 100% free, and there is an excellent version with additional features.

#3: UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin: When you think about the fact that WordPress is running almost 30% of websites on the web, you can find out why it’s a frequent target. Moreover, parts of your WordPress site may sometimes stop working due to minor errors, for example, if most people use 10 additional components or less on their site and half receive monthly updates, then the risk of compatibility errors is obviously a matter of common .

One recent backup can save you a lot of headaches, whether you have been attacked, faced compatibility problems or simply want to migrate your site, and here comes the role of the plugin that we should have. There are a lot of WordPress backup plugins available online, but a few are as powerful and easy to use as UpdraftPlus. It integrates with multiple cloud storage options to protect your backups. You can even automate backups with a repeating schedule.

Feature guides:

Create automatic or manual backups of your website.
Store backups locally or in the cloud.
Restore your website to a previous state.


There are free and premium versions of UpdraftPlus available.

#4: Lazy Load – Optimize Images

Lazy Load – Optimize Images WP Rocket is a temporary storage plugin that helps speed up download times. It does this by creating cached copies of each dynamically generated page on your site, so your servers should do less. We’ve already talked about why fast page load times are so important, and buffering solutions can be a more effective solution than optimizing an image. For example,

the W3 Total Cache plugin can reduce download times by more than 43% on average, and WP Rocket performs better – on plug-in cache tests, it has reduced page load times by a whopping 63%. It might not be free, but the results are more than worth it, especially if there are on-line conversions.

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Feature guides:

You can dynamically store dynamically generated pages on your website.
Improved user browser caching.
Enable slow loading for faster loading times.
Integrate your spool solution with a content delivery network (CDN).


WP Rocket is a premium tool that starts from $ 49 a one-year license for one location.

#5: Revive Old Posts – Social Media Auto Post and Scheduling Plugin

Revive Old Posts – Social Media Auto Post and Scheduling Plugin: This means that you are losing an enormous amount of potential traffic if you are not active on social networks. Just to give you an idea, approximately 2 billion and 300 million users log into Facebook and Twitter respectively every month.

If every post on these networks can increase your chances of reaching even a segment of these users, then this means that the plugin we want to mention here is definitely worth your time. The first plugins that should be on our list are reviving the old post. It is designed to help drive more traffic to your website via social media. To do this, the plugin takes new and old posts to your site and automatically shares them on Twitter and Facebook.[7 Plugins for WordPress you must have]

Feature guides:

Automatically share your new and old posts to Twitter and Facebook.
Schedule your social media posts.
Include hashtags and links to your website.


There are both free and premium versions.


#6: Elementor Page Builder

If Divi Builder and BoldGrid have brainchilds converted to a WordPress plugin, then Elementor Page Builder is the same. Page builder Elementor Page Builder is one of the most effective and easy additions to creating WordPress pages on the market today.

For only $ 50 a year for one website, Elementor is well worth the money and will allow you to create great pages quickly and professionally.

Get Elementor from Elementor.com


#7: WordFence Security

WordFence Security: With the spread of cyber attacks and website hacks in 2018, website security is more important than ever, as both the free and paid version of WordFence Security gives you access to many tools including:
WordPress basic file integrity checking and repair.
Malware, viruses, and outdoor scanning.
A firewall includes rate limiting, Google’s fake crawlers, IP whitelist, and IP blocks.
Email alerts for warnings and serious problems.
Brute protection.
And much more.
If you are concerned about the security and safety of your website, WordFence Security will allow you to rest knowing that your website, like Allstate clients, is in safe hands.

Get WordFence security from WordFence.com


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