20 VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows – Mac

20 VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows – Mac

20 VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows – Mac:Using keyboard shortcuts is the best way to be productive on a Windows or Mac computer. Keyboard shortcuts make it easier and faster to perform tasks without accessing the mouse. vlc media playerAlong with desktop platforms, there are various cool keyboard shortcuts specific to third-party applications. One such application that has some easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts is VLC Media Player. The app is a go solution when it comes to watching videos for many people, and if you’re among a lot, there are 22 useful VLC keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS that you should use:,20 VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows – Mac,

1. Full screen
Windows: F
macOS: Command + F
The best way to watch your favorite videos in VLC is by entering full screen mode. Well, this simple shortcut makes it a snap to use one of the most commonly used functions in VLC.

2. Quit full-screen mode
Windows: Esc
macOS: Esc
If you are entering full screen, you need to exit it too. The Escape key will help you quickly exit full-screen mode.

3. Pause / Play
Windows: Spacebar
macOS: Spacebar
It can be very annoying to click the Pause button when you suddenly need to pause and manipulate something or quickly pause the video in a particular scene. Press Spacebar to pause the video and press it again to resume from the same scene.

4. Turn on / off translation
Windows: V
macOS: S
Subtitles are useful for understanding videos in foreign languages ​​or just to ensure you don’t miss anything said in the video. You can quickly turn subtitles on or off using the keyboard shortcut.’20 VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows – Mac


5. Jump forward / backward
Windows: Alt + Left / Right (Medium). Shift + left / right (long) Ctrl + Left / Right (Short)
VLC lets you quickly move forward or backward using keyboard shortcuts, so you don’t have to make just a few clicks to repeat the scene you missed. In addition, it provides multiple shortcuts to move forward or backward at your own pace. Here short means 3 seconds, average means 10 seconds and long means 1 minute jump.
macOS: Command + Option + Left / Right (Medium), Command + Shift + Left / Right (Long) Command + Ctrl + Left / Right (Short)

6. Volume control
Windows: Ctrl + Up / Down Arrow
macOS: Command + Up / Down Arrow
Storage is one of the most sensitive functions of any media player, you never know when you might need it to be ear piercing or soothing. You can use the shortcut in VLC to quickly undo or increase the volume. Holding down the volume shortcut will move the slider quickly, so try tapping multiple times to adjust it easily.

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7. Mute
Windows: AD
macOS: Command + Option + Down
Adjusting the volume is important, but the volume is muted very quickly. Do you think your mother’s call is too high? Just use the keyboard shortcut to mute the volume.

8. Open the file
Windows: Ctrl + O
macOS: Command + O
Here, you can browse your computer to search for and play media files in the VLC media player.

9. Change aspect ratio
Windows: a
macOS: a
Depending on the display resolution, the VLC playback window may not fit properly on the screen. Fortunately, you can quickly change the aspect ratio using the shortcut to set the window to your preference.

10. Manage translation delays
Windows: Reduce “G”, Increase “H”

macOS: Reduce “H”, Increase “J”

It can be really difficult to ensure that subtitles are synchronized with the video, and it’s hard to try the built-in sync system. Shortcuts are much easier to use and allow you to quickly snooze or decrease subtitles and see results in real time.

11. Manage audio delay
Windows: Reduce “J”, increase “K”

macOS: Reduce “F”, Increase “G”

Similar to subtitles, syncing audio to video can also be a big problem. Fortunately, the shortcuts to increase or decrease the delay make it easy to synchronize the sound.

12. Move the frame by frame
Windows: E

macOS: E

You can make your video move by frame to see all the details of the scene. Just press the E key to transfer the video to each frame.

13. Hide controls
Windows: Ctrl + H

macOS: Command + H

If you don’t want to switch to full-screen mode but want the video to play most of your screen to remove any distractions, you can simply hide all the controls in VLC. You can use this shortcut to quickly hide or return controls if they are already hidden.

14. Access preferences
Windows: Ctrl + P

macOS: Command + P

If you like messing with VLC preferences to make them work according to your needs, this small shortcut will definitely save you two clicks.

15. Manipulate bookmarks
Windows: Ctrl + B

MacOS: Command + B

VLC permits you to bookmark a video at a specific play time, so that you can without problems maintain looking a video from in which you left it. If you need to take full advantage of this selection, you need to access the bookmark supervisor regularly to switch between media files. This shortcut will help you shop time and make handling your bookmarks simpler.

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16. Open and store the playlist
There is a good risk which you have already got more than one playlists to play. You can use the shortcut to open a playlist to open and manipulate all playlists. You can additionally keep a newly created playlist the usage of the shop Playlist shortcut.


17. Play the next or previous tune inside the listing
Home windows: next “N”, previous “P”

MacOS : subsequent “Command + proper Arrow Key”, previous “Command + Left Arrow Key”

When you enjoy your playlist, it may be very tough to use your mouse to play the proper music. You could use those shortcuts to quick play the subsequent or previous tune in the listing.

18. Change the zoom approach
Windows: z

MacOS: Z

You can press Z to quick switch between zoom mode. Consists of double, zone and half of modes. Zoom will only paintings while VLC is in window mode.

19. Access consequences list and filters
Windows: Ctrl + E

MacOS: Command + E

Outcomes and filters may be stated to be one of the most accessible windows in VLC Media player, as all sync and video / audio alternatives are right here. The shortcut will really help you get there quicker.

20. See Runtime
Home windows: t

MacOS: T

In case you want to quick see how a whole lot time has elapsed and what sort of time is left in complete display, no want to move the mouse pointer. Certainly press T and you will see the runtime within the higher proper corner.

21. Trade the playback pace
Home windows: boom “+”, lessen “-“

Rushing up or slowing down is important to quickly bypass ahead or slow down a path for a better knowledge. You may use those shortcuts to quick increase and decrease playback speed.

22. Take a screenshot
Windows: Shift + S

MacOS: Shift + S

VLC media lets in you to fast capture a screenshot of your video to store as an photo. Simply press Shift + S whilst playing a video and a screenshot could be taken and saved in the pics folder. You can use it within the body with the aid of setting the frame to take accurate photos of the video content material.


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